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24 hr Flash Spend promo

aensidheaensidhe Posts: 178 Arc User
A few weeks back, there was a 24 hr flash spend promo for Sunday. But it showed only on the client launcher and not on Arc. Clicking on it went to a redirected error page.

This week, the same 24 hr flash promo is shown on the client (Sunday not Saturday one, which works). Same error.

Is this a system glitch or a legit promo?


  • arspaulina#4310 arspaulina Posts: 347 Community Moderator
    I tend to not spam tags if I can help it, but if this issue has happened before I'd want to make sure @orinj is aware of it, so that the appropriate PWE staff can handle it. Hopefully this can be looked into so that it doesn't happen again! :O
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  • orinjorinj Posts: 460 admin
    Grrr... it was a legit promo. I'll talk to the team about this. Thanks.
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