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Illusionary Stone: What happened?

platypix77platypix77 Posts: 3 Arc User
I was wondering when the Illusionary Stone will be in botique?

In game, I was told it comes every now and then for 30 or 40 gold, as well as that the War Front chest also comes occasionally, yet I have found no confirmation anywhere online.

Anyone have any information?
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  • nene#6448 nene Posts: 226 Arc User
    It is true that it pops up every now and then, there should be some info about it in the news page on the "weekly sales". Think it was in boutique like a month ago but not 100% sure.
  • arspaulina#4310 arspaulina Posts: 347 Community Moderator
    @platypix77 Do you mean the Illusionary Crystal?

    The last time it was on sale I believe was June 1st to 15th, so last month. The time before that if I remember correctly was April 27 to May 4th, so it feels like it's around every month to two months. As far as Warfront Supply Crate, the last time that'd been sold was April 27th so we should be due for one sometime soon. Warfront Supply Crates feel more...sporadic than the Crystal.

    Hope this helps!
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