G17r5 , ATK level or DEF level for cleric ?

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If you have all the mats for crafting g17r5, which one would you choose, ATK level or DEF level ?

For pure support role I bet the answer would be DEF level, but the real question is at the end of my post after all these rants below.

Cleric is a support/healer class, but it's given a choice to dd a bit, but still, I don't think cleric's damage output even with ultra violet dance and no cooldown great cyclone can outperform other classes especially with the new addition for ultimate skills, which for cleric is just a support ulti skill, and also the upcoming skill rebalance doesn't help in dd department either, in fact the skill rebalance isn't that useful for cleric while most other classes will have their damage boosted either by boosting the dd skill or via more effective debuffs. In mass pvp where everyone got cleric buffs, at a fully buffed state, cleric damage is pale in comparison with other classes even with uvd and great cyclone, on top of that, cleric is prone to crowd control skills and the new paralyze is just annoying as ****, while cleric's cc skill is kinda useless in mass, sleep is easily awoken most of the time in mass, and sog makes target tanky for a period of time. The only thing that can be said a NUKE or skills that allow cleric to land a kill is heal blocker skills, Aurora Burst and Aurora Blast, and these skills aren't affected by ATK level.

With all that being said, do you think for PVP attack cleric, DEF level g17r5 would be a viable option ? Does cleric still need ATK level to land a kill or DEF level to stay alive is more important since most other classes will have their damage output boosted, and cleric is prone to cc skills and doesn't actually have active skills that have low cd to avoid being perma stunned or for escape purpose, not even a decent class skill that boost movement speed (I know Guardian Light has, but not decent and 100% of the time it's used for it's half damage reduction, not for its speed).


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    I think instead of looking at attack level vs defense level, its more important to look at the weapon procs you have available to you that you previously didnt. More than a bit of attack level or defense level the weapon procs are extremely broken. Things like Purify Proc coming available for melee classes and the mage equivelant of GoF for casters/archers is a way bigger deal than just a lil bit more attack level or a bunch of defense level.

    Personally I feel like if you dont care about a specific weapon proc then you should always get a defense level weapon, since you already have a 70 att lvl weapon available to you. If you are looking for an offensive proc you should always get the attack level weapon. And if you are looking for a defense level proc then you should always get a defense level weapon. If you want both a specific offense aswell as a specific defense weapon I believe getting an attack level weapon should be better.

    Since cleric is a support class their main job is both them staying alive and keeping allies alive, I think the best proc for that would be purify proc, which they alrdy have available to them, so I think it would be best for them to get a defense level weapon with purify proc and a random offensive proc. Opinion me.

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    Yea, that's the scariest thing, gof for casters/archers, even cleric could be oneshotted by casters I bet, that's why I consider opting for DEF lv than ATK lv. And purify proc for melee would be broken as hell, some of them were given paralyze to counter purify before wanmei decided to let all classes choose preferable proc, but casters are not. I agree purify spell is the most fitting for cleric because cleric doesn't have any gtfo skill.

    I like playing an attack cleric than support but I don't mind if asked to play as a support role. Cleric is originally a support class but playing as dd is quite fun, but with g17r5 atk/def lv it's like forcing support class to stay support. I bet most squads for pvp prefer a tankier cleric with DEF lv, or a real DD class than atk cleric with ATK lv. That brings up the question, can cleric still pvp and kill with g17r5 DEF lv weapon because cleric has heal blocker skills, the effect of these skills can act as a nuke with more or less 30k damage depending on matk and how much is stacked before a charm tick.

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    Considering i just need the rrr9 weapon to finish and my weapon is sharded for -chan and that i dont have any atk or dfn lvl other than from gear bonus and war avatars, i do a decent amount of damage with just a +5 g16 glaive. and using UV in NW with the upgraded Razor feathers and Great cyclone having no CD i've done some massive damage. I like to imagine how much more damage i'll do when i get the r9s4 weapon, and then imagine the damage after refines and then after i shard. Clerics make great DD's. but I'm also a great healer, and if i'm the only cleric in squad or if i see the other cleric not doing a good job at healing, i cancel UV usually just in time to save the tank or squad. Keep in mind that for the increase in mag attack to be any good with UV you need to have a lot of soulforce. That also applies to several of the UV skills. The higher the soulforce the more effective UV is.
    But to answer the question, if i was going to go for G17r5 weapon i'd go for the atk lvl and GoF proc with purify as the other proc.
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    As much as I were tempted to have def level if ever I managed to craft to fifth stage, the more I think I agree with your choice of weapon add-ons, ATK LEVEL , GOF, PURI, is the only way to go :D