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Clerics have and always will be the most key support class of PWI. That's great, it's nice to be needed, right? But what if the cleric doesn't need anyone else? What if you want to solo damn near everything you can? I know I would. Therefore I'm proposing that we should get a zen! It would make things much easier to be able to do things without having to wait on others all the time. The day of a cleric is spent either searching for a squad or searching for people for their own squad, even if they can do an instance themselves. It's not because we necessarily need it, it's because it just takes too damn long to do it ourselves sometimes. Our only aoes take a long time to cast, take a lot of chi to cast, or doesn't do much damage to phys resist. The introduction of the new HS skills are great and all, with the no cd of feathers in UV, but the cast is still long enough to be interrupted every damn time.

Should clerics have a zen?



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    We have two. They're called Regeneration Aura and Heaven's Wrath. egg-38.gif​​
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    I think op meant damage zens
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    It's an MMO, a multiplayer game. The fact that a lot of classes can solo a lot of things, already means something is being done wrong.
    Clerics are supposed to do what clerics do best: healing and support.

    Besides that, you don't need any zen skills to solo things. Sins are proof of that.​​
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    a damage zen skill would be nice but it's not needed. even with phys resist mobs i have had no problem killing them by spamming HS Razor Feathers in UV mode. If the long channeling time is a problem for you, then invest in -channeling gear. I've actually switched some of my -chan gear out to get more phys defense, reducing my -chan by about half, traded belt neck(-9% from neck and and complect bonus) 1 ring (-6%), plus traded my -12% weapon for only a 3% for more damage (went from g15 to g16. g15 had -6% plus 2 stones of savant) while i wait to get the Holy Protector R9S4 weapon. despite my decrease in -chan, i can still cast razor feathers really quickly.
    Apart from dungeons that need a squad to complete, everything is i've tried is easy to solo. Havent tried a world boss yet or the lvl 99 dungeons, but am looking forward to it once i get my weapon. Even when i was full g15 RA1 i could easily solo the lvl 89 dungeons.

    So to repeat myself, no we don't need a damage zen skill.