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First Time Charging Zen

So i bought gold, and entered in all my data and info needed, hit confirm on the next page and it brought up the transaction summery:

"Transaction Canceled"

I know support is likely off for the holiday, so i don't expect a response till tomorrow. The item i wanted to buy was a limited sale item specially for today, it won't be around by the time they get to my ticket. Nor do i have the money to charge again for it today (they also took the money out of my bank, even tho it said "canceled")

What are the chances they will refund my money or send me the item? honestly i'd be happy if they just gave me my gold e.e


  • lilkitsu#4417 lilkitsu Posts: 87 Arc User
    Having had this issue before, I am sorry to inform you...

    if the transaction was cancelled then PWE didnt get your money. If there is a transaction showing in your statement you should wait a few days to see if the money is put back in. if the money doesnt return you should contact your bank, because there could be other reasons why the transaction was cancelled.

    And seeing as they did not recieve money because the transaction was cancelled, there is no chance they will send you the item you wanted, and you will have to wait until the next time it's available.
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