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Primal Skills

alchemygothicalchemygothic Posts: 1 Arc User
edited June 2016 in Seeker
ok so at the current moment i don't have ANY learned on my seeker, but, i'm curious to know which ones i should learn?
i was told chaos blade isn't worth learning cause it lowers heart shatter's damage? seems like the 15% loss to metal/physical dmg would be worth it since it makes the target take 50% from everything. i don't know lol.
anyway. which primal's should i be focusing on?
other than passives lol
thanks in advance!
EDIT: forgot to mention, I'm celestial sage with full g16


  • belnorbelnor Posts: 105 Arc User
    Yes first thing get your passives maxed. They make a huge difference. Moreso then any of the skills.

    So be aware that if you take all of the primal skills, you'll have to relearn much of how you've fought upto this point. It's not heart shatter's damage that people are worried about it's soul shatter. If you're grouped with a psychic or wizard and have your timing good, they can do crazy amounts of damage really quickly. Which hopefully they are geared to do cause you only have 30 seconds and a long recast time with it. With chaos blade you're going to get a flat 50% increase for all of them that lasts 10 minutes. It also has a 15 second cool down.

    Personally I did take chaos blade and I like it. I don't always group with a wizard or psychic and can cast a single debuff rather than 3 skills. You could use blade affinity and a macro to get them out there quickly also, however that would eat into the time you could get attacks out while your channeling is still accelerated.

    The rest of the skills combine your attacks with your stances. You won't need to shift back and forth between various stances. You just use certain attack skills to mark the target for their corresponding attack. However they only do this on single targets. The downside here is that you loose the ability to aoe stun with stalagstrike.

    Learning these is something I would encourage you to learn as much as you can before you learn them cause it's difficult/expensive to unlearn them. I'm happy with them and have been using them all for sometime.

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