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Pigment sales

aensidheaensidhe Posts: 178 Arc User
Dear PWI,

It wouldn't befit girl power season without at least one pigment sale! We used to have them now and then, but it has been nearly a year since the last sale (not counting the pink sale, which was almost 6 months ago itself).

When can we expect a sale? Releasing all these new fashion without a matching pigment sale seems counterproductive.


  • arspaulina#4310 arspaulina Posts: 347 Community Moderator
    There is currently a Pigment sale going on for White, Black and Red pigments! (As was reminded by someone in the forums in GD) 4 Gold 50 Silver for 10 packs, or 50 each for individual dyes. Those are usually the highly popular/sought after dyes(read : most expensive), but if you were looking for other colors unfortunately they don't have any of those on sale. Hope this helps!
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