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What tome should i get?

potatocutiepiepotatocutiepie Posts: 12 Arc User
heard aps is dead.... so guess pan gu isnt that great. got a tip to get the +24 dex one instead. thoughts?


  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    So the best tome is Emperor tome, but it can be very expensive (depends on servers prices but usually in the 2-3bil range). It gives you +45 dex and then also lets you add an additional 45 more dex from restating 45 points out of strength that it also gives.

    What I would say is keep whatever tome you have while you work on the rest of your gear, and then work on your tome last because for the price of the emperor tome you could get a whole r9 set (I think but I haven't done the math and checked that) and the r9 set would give a much bigger strength boost than just the tome.​​
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