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Dragonbreath Weapons - Materials List

Remember a time when we went to the NPC at the centre of Archosaur and drooled over the warsoul weapons thinking they were pretty much impossible to get? It's a new day. Introducing the Dragonbreath Series (Gr17).

So it's time again to get to work. Here's a list of required materials to create the strongest weapons in the game to date.

Basically 5 Levels (base weapon and 4 upgrades)

Base Weapon
10 Dragonbreath Fragments

Upgrade 1: Hone
400 Blood Spirit Stone
240 Gold-Plated Iron
120 Ether Jade
20 million coin

Upgrade 2: Sharpen
1600 Blood Spirit Stone
960 Gold-Plated Iron
200 Ether Jade
70 Profaned Wood
50 million coin

Upgrade 3: Temper
1800 Blood Spirit Stone
1080 Gold-Plated Iron
333 Ether Jade
108 Profaned Wood
25 Zenith Skull
90 million coin

Upgrade 4: Offense/Defense (you have to choose between attack or defense levels)
2200 Blood Spirit Stone
1320 Gold-Plated Iron
392 Ether Jade
122 Profaned Wood
36 Zenith Skull
13 Draconic Essence
160 million coin

I'm trying to work on a blog post of all of the dragonbreath materials and how/where to obtain each one (so personally, I can keep track of what I need to do). Happy to share it when I have it ready. I have a lot of unknowns still to fill.


sage cleric 102-102-101 / sage BM 102-102-102 / sage sin 102-102-103 / demon cleric 102-102-102 / demon veno 102-101-100 / demon archer 102 / sage barb 101-100-100 / sage seeker 101
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