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Blademaster Skill Books and Where To Find Them

burnabybuildingsburnabybuildings Posts: 57 Arc User
I've had it! I can't seem to keep track of where all the skillbooks that I need come from. So I spent a couple of hours tracking it all down and making a comprehensive list. The blog is really just my personal resource for a quick reference of stuff that I can't find anywhere else. It's organized according to how I play.

But it took so long, I just had to share it! I hope it helps you too!


sage cleric 102-102-101 / sage BM 102-102-102 / sage sin 102-102-103 / demon cleric 102-102-102 / demon veno 102-101-100 / demon archer 102 / sage barb 101-100-100 / sage seeker 101
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