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xskysoldierxskysoldier Posts: 128 Arc User
Hi guys, i was just wondering about something. If i want to charge for the first time, exactly what is the spending limit? And what if i want to charge more? Can charge on my other account which is my alt? Or do i have to send a ticket in order to charge more?


  • arspaulina#4310 arspaulina Posts: 347 Community Moderator

    From the Arc Support page under the "What is my account's spending limit?" FAQ- " The default spending limit for all accounts is $200 or regional equivalent in a 48-hour period based on the time of purchase. If you would like to raise your default spending limit, please contact our Customer Service team explaining your situation, and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you as long as you have a history of spending with us previously."

    As for spending on an alt-yes you could do that, but keep in mind that alt would have the default spending limit on it.

    Hopefully this answers your question!
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