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Why are events that are currently ongoing being moved to the events archive? Not cancelled... Not mentioned... Just moved to die quietly. Our guild has been working very hard to win the DC competition. If it is no longer a competition, it would be nice to know before it is over and we've spent 2+ months working together as a guild to win a non-existent competition.

B4 the qq, yes we all know there have been issued with it, but it was never cancelled and it just goes on like the heavenfall competition did before it ended and the rewards were changed after it ended.

The competition is a great idea and I applaude pwi for putting it together. Hopefully they'll see it through... and return the thread to where it belongs.


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    The competition needs to be redone - if it was removed I am soooooo happy. If it is continued as is, and not reset the "winner" of the season isn't the true winner.​​
    Here we go again....
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    Nothing ongoing has been moved to the archive that I am aware of. Let's look at the top threads sitting over there right now.
    • Santa's Gift Event
      Ok, that's from Christmas.
    • Anniversary Contest Winners
      Last October
    • Heavenfall Competition
      It's over, prizes were handed out. dead and done.
    • The Challenge of Champions
      Also over, dead and done.
    • PWI Livestream - Dragon's Conquest 1/22/16
      I think the date in the title kinda gives away the answer there.
    • Anything older than that
      All last active in January, and are all from last year.

    I don't see any current or active events sitting in the archive.

    You are correct in that the Dragon's Conquest thread is missing from General Discussion. Where it is though, I'm not sure. I'll have to go looking.

    Update: Ok, for some reason my display of the forum was not showing the Easter event, or the DC event. Easter event is over, and I found and put the DC event back in GD. Not really sure how it got shoved over to the archive though. I checked the logs and can't find anything there. Either it was accidental by an admin, or maybe on purpose; but I haven't heard it was cancelled, and I think I would have heard about that from Domino.​​

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