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Crafting... is it worth it anymore? :(

razgrizknightrazgrizknight Posts: 2 Arc User
edited April 2016 in The Crafting Nook
The crafting system seems quite useless with the new equipment added. Many 3 star blue equipment fails to compare to the 1 star blue level 2 equipment from the celestial realm. a Level 6, 3 star 4 socket BloodFang Sledghammer (513 damage with no gems) fails to hold a candle to the 580 damage of the level 2, 2 star blue dual battleaxes given to new players from the celestial tutorial world. That sledge i have is for level 46 players, being out classed by a weapon for level 16, which is kind of sad when you think about it. I also have two other weapons, A set of 2 star master crafted dual handaxes with 533 damage for level 47 and a 2 star blue set of dual-hammers for level 49 with 596 damage. Again, both of which being completely out-classed by the newbies getting that special gift-gear from the celestial world.

Having played this game since its early stages of alpha i got bored and left the game for 6 years... yea... 6 *year* hiatus because the grind from level 46 to 47 while trying to level up my crafting to be competitive with that level bracket took ages. Especially when after level 40 it became insanely difficult finding Rough Fur for copper bars to level up my tailoring past level 3 (which thanks to the new level changes is easy! but pointless in my searching through what different armors do compared to said special equipment.)

Not only that but i've also been told that the level 40 gear you're "gifted" through missions (which since i'm level 46 that mission has long passed) apparently out do everything up to pretty much level 70...

So tell me.... is it even worth trying anymore? :( I loved the crafting system in the game but now it's just.... it's just "hey give me free ****" from the missions and leaving old characters struggle to withstand the new changes. I know i've been gone an extremely long time but i truly didn't think they'd butcher the crafting system this hard.

And while they may have increased the levels of the beginner regions to be level 20~ish, they still drop only level 1 through 5 gear, and level 25-30 monsters that used to be level 10-15, now do the same thing... it's literally raking newbies across the coals and forcing them to take the handout from the celestial world and make them level up their crafting skills from level 1, at level 20+ :(

Edit 4/27/2016: I'm adding a picture of the handaxes being compared to 3 hand-crafted weapons i had made for 46, 47 and 49 to give you an idea of what i mean by this painful situation involving the crafting... :(

My Weapon level 44 [i'm one level from getting the level 47 dual handaxes which are in my bank.

Here's the level 47's:

Here's the Level 49's:

Here's the one they give level 20's.

See the problem here? :(
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