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Testing the range of running mobs

greenfire312greenfire312 Posts: 269 Arc User
I haven't posted on these forums for a couple years now, but there's a question I can't seem to answer and I was wondering if the BM forum could shed some light on it. This is entirely PVE, by the way.

My goal is to create a weapon that doesn't trigger magic/running mobs to begin running, by way of range bonuses. Obviously only a polearm can accomplish this, but the specific range I need is what I'm trying to pin down.

My test mobs have been in Morai (Wraith Flower, Dire Buzzard, etc), and so far I've learned that 6 meters (using a Dragon's Bite) isn't long enough. 8 meters (HF, Myriad) works, but that's a much harder weapon to make. Normal poleblades can't be crafted with a chance of range bonuses, nor can OHT poleblades. From what I can tell, these are the only weps capable of getting more than 6 meters:

6.5 meters - Poleblade w/+2 Range (Nirv S2/S3 or R8S2)
7.0 meters - Pike w/+2 Range (Nirv S2/S3, FF Gold Pike, TT100 Pike)
7.5 meters - Poleblade w/+3 Range (Nirv S3 or R8S2)
8.0 meters - Pike w/+3 Range (Nirv S3 or R8S2)

Of these, Nirv S2 is the only one within what I'm willing to spend on this project (my BM is not R8/9 and I don't intend to get her there just for this kind of minor convenience, but I have the TT99 pike already). For several reasons, I'd prefer the poleblade to the pike. So I'm particularly interested in testing 6.5 and 7.0 meters. Problem is, I don't have a way to generate an attack at either of those ranges on endgame mobs.

The closest I've come was with a lowbie wizard I never play, who happens to have Distance Shrink Lv7... which when used at the range of a Lv10 attack, puts him at exactly 6.5 meters (28.5 - 22). This test was successful. The problem is, I can't test this on Morai mobs with a 5x character, and it's entirely possible that endgame mobs have a different range requirement than, say, a 5x Pyrogolth.

So these are my questions, if anyone can help with them:
  • Does anyone have a +2 range Polearm or Pike? If so, can you prevent endgame magic mobs from running with it?
  • Any idea how I can reliably put a character at exactly 6.5m or 7.0m range from a mob to test this?
  • Failing that, is there any resource out there where the "running ranges" of endgame mobs are listed? PWDB doesn't have anything on the subject.
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