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FW Pav tips

thegat1337thegat1337 Posts: 5 Arc User
ok so i'm a Demon BM with about 90-95% of my lvl 11 skils and i'm also 5aps/Full g16 (lvl 101/101/101)
Claws are +10 and Axes are +7 (i do NOT have an aps tome btw so i had to use r8r chest and roll aps on it to compensate)
i also have a 3 A cards and 1 B card equiped (snake fist, mistress of night, Emp aohe and Tactician Mur)
the A cards are lvl 5,9 and 5 respectively, nuema's need a lot of work
i also have my passives as the following lvls:
P/M def lvl 1
Skill dmg lvl 7
Crit rate lvl 3

ok with that out the way, i can do earth pav no problem (very very seldom will i **** up and and die)
so my question is what OTHER pavs could i be capable of doing? my guess would be water and wood but idk 100%
i did water a long time ago and did ok but i got purged lol and i think i died shortly after >.< cause i lost bp
but as i said... that was a long time ago. i've improved alot since then lol
is there any other pav i could possibly do? besides the 3 i mentioned?


  • afaria86afaria86 Posts: 63 Arc User
    You should be able to do any pav, people used to do them before cards even existed... Thing is, fire and metal are ranged, so you probably have to run after mobs.

    I would stay with wood/earth/water, unless you really have to pick one of the others (maybe duo fire/metal? so things go smooth...)
  • thegat1337thegat1337 Posts: 5 Arc User
    ok thanks :D
  • slivafslivaf Posts: 12 Arc User
    Aye you can probably do any of them, a couple of tips though:

    A little note: (Find it funny how they changed the heads behavior to make it 'difficult' on melee's... when the mobs don't run/rarely even have a chance to move in the open world when a ranged/mage dd is attacking... melees have to chase them... ok enough of that little pet peeve.... on to the tips! - Funny thing is it changed little of how I did it on any character that wasn't my seeker. ;x lol ANYWAYS... the tips!)

    Water - If you get purged, altar marrow physical, hell even if not purged, using it, can help you take on multiple mobs if you happen to get a little overwhelmed/are finding it a little difficult to kill. You can easily aps them down. Use your leaps if you want to escape from the explosions. (They says let's die together, just like in any other pav)

    Wood - They have the anti-aps buff on them occasionally, so simply apsing them will be a bit difficult at times, not impossible, definitely doable with +10 fists/claws. They can also get an increase defense buff on them from time to time.

    Fire - Sword skills, especially primal ones, can actually set up an all range macro with them with the way macros work these days, that or you could chase them around endlessly trying to kill them, which I know you can kill them from time to time. Magic marrow is suggested.

    Metal - Again sword skills, that way you don't have to chase them, and make sure you kill quickly, they have the shortest path to get to you/you do not have much room to move around. Also make sure you use magic marrow on this one.


    If you don't have sword skills/aren't an all path bm, I really suggest you become one, yes it is expensive refining all the weapons/gears, but it is worth it, all path bms are the way to go. While a lot of skills are a bit situational, they are becoming far more useful with the primal update/the updates that they have applied to bms.
  • thegat1337thegat1337 Posts: 5 Arc User
    and thank you as well! i deeply appreciate the tips & adivce! hmmm i'll need to get my r8 spear upgraded to r8r and hope for decent stats lol. and my swords...hmm well since my ballads are bound to seeker (not on same account tho) might get a pair of g15's and refine it +5 or someting lol and just have them for FW lol
    also if you don't mind, could you elaborate on the ranged bm skill macros? never really used em very often >.< as i never really needed too lol.
    thanks again!!!!
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