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Blademaster G16 NW points

yangstah04yangstah04 Posts: 22 Arc User
For an all out G16 BM with +5 refine on gears and +10 weaps (all around), how much points can I make in NW? Thanks in advance.


  • sylenthundersylenthunder Support Guru Posts: 3,061 Community Moderator
    I don't think you can really accurately determine something like this.

    Variables include....
    • Types of maps you were in.
    • How many battles you were in.
    • How much battle time you had.
    • How many kills you had.
    • How many times you were killed.
    • How your nation ranked at the end.
    • And more.

    I'm sure there's a few I didn't think of. That list is just right off the top of my head.​​
  • slivafslivaf Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    It is pretty much as sylen stated.

    For the record in gear like yours on this bm, I averaged around 7-8k points, and I went in apoless/often charmless.

    A couple of... pointers for you going in there.

    1. Don't do it. (Half way serious... but yea do expect to die A LOT, and I do mean a lot.) *I mean do not go in while undergeared*

    2. Take Apo with you, arm yourself to the teeth with apo/genie skills you WILL need them to close the gaps of all the overpowered people in there that can and WILL one shot you, especially with +5 gears, even with your +10 weps, I have heard stories how bms struggle to kill others even with r9rr +12 axes, ergo you will struggle yourself to kill a significant portion of the people who nw. It wont be impossible, but quite difficult.

    3. Charms (Hp/Mp/Magic/Physical ones etc. YES physical ones, some melee people hit stupidly hard even on HA users.)

    4. Use a auto recovery stone. They help IMMENSELY.

    5. Do NOT aps here, even with paralyze in the mix, you aps, you WILL risk proccing the evil purify proc/allowing the tanky casters to have a small window to get the hell away from the 'gank.'

    6. Do always have magic marrow on/expect to be slept/stunned/immoblized from a far a lot too... even with will of the bodhistva it can be tricky to move at TIMES.


    All especially important while undergeared, best to do it even with epic gear.

    All in all, you will get a small taste of seeing what bms are capable of doing, but sadly you will be doing a hell of a lot more dying than getting a taste of what they are capable of doing... even with apo/the right skill usage.


    Either way I do hope you enjoy your bm, good luck doing the nw's with it.
  • kyoskekyoske Posts: 163 Arc User
    @yangstah04 wish i saw this earlier personally nw points are nice much better if winning nation, as a g16 bm myself maybe the best gear pure nv3 bm on my server i can make like 15k points in nw if im serious, if ur on TT check me out, just ask for the self proclaimed best nv3 bm
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