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Blacksmithing - 6

I am not sure if i should put this under crafting or questing.

I am trying to level my blacksmith to level 6. I havent a clue what i left off with doing the quest because it has been a few years. Anywho, I need to level it so i can make my g16 glaive but i cant find any trace of the quest itself. The icon is lit up at the elder and its at 100%. and it says unable to get level 6. Well, i know there is a quest so i went to the elder but no quest was found, i went to the blacksmith At immolation camp and he didn't have it either. So I figured I had already picked up the quest and was doing it when I left. So I looked at my quest log and it's not there either under new quests or the active quests. This quest is nowhere to be seen! Do I need to send in the ticket? Or did I miss something?
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  • jabqjabq Posts: 821 Arc User
    This is from the wiki


    Go to blacksmith 6. If you have already taken the quest, but you have not made those 2 star weapons, you can not continue with the quest even if your level 6 blacksmith is 100%.

    Check the npc mentioned in the list on the wiki, maybe one of them has a quest for you to pick up.​​
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