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e1fingere1finger Posts: 43 Arc User
HI fellow Blade Master's
Its been a bit since i hit up this section been busy still slowly working my bm upgradeing gear and still trying at card sets getting close to a candleflame wasnt even trying for it however, Im just letting the luck come as it may. Far as the pve side of things meh still nuthing much impressive enough to throw my bm in anything other then just helpin ppl out and typical farming for fsp coins and some lunars.

On the pvp side of things i come to realize unless i got a decent card set i dont stand much chance vs someone with a 5+ card set. the gap is a very notible differance. I still got some refineing to do and further upgrades but far as gear goes i came far and cruising with that i got. Hard to find me a good 1v1 match most ppl got nice card sets and like i said the gap is a big differance. Am i still enjoying the BM playstyle ? hell yeah i got no regrets. Since the server merges i seen alot of bms tons of them . Few i see pvp so and few i enjoy watching or even fighting. Some others well meh could do with some training. I finally getting better at fighting psys i use to suck at it so bad but it was cause i didnt understand the class. DB and SB's pretty much the next projects just hard to find some my gear level equal. Either they lacking or too op.

TW has been intresting experience for me. i think my mass pvp game is better now from doing TW's. Just overal trying to get better. Hillborn tsk tsk..sometimes im loving it other times i regretting it.

Guess im just checkin in and seeing how other BM's fairing. I love my BM its fitting for me and i feel i doing pretty well with it. Would like to get better but not sure if theres any other tips and tricks out there far as skill combos and such. I still watch alot of videos even the old ones. Wish few of the normal vid makers would post new ones but Real life first and yeah game can get boreing. That Sunset Tho lol that was cool funny how i got me 2 charms expecting NW type of pvp haha.


  • jabqjabq Posts: 821 Arc User
    I don't pvp anymore, so can not tell you what to do. I am behind on daily stuff, cards, spirit, so not the best person to tell you what to do.

    Doing daily for blood, or getting blood stuff dones, nuema, cards is very helpful in not being one shot at all times. I would recommend to see if you can solo lunar on bm. Depend on your aps set up how easy or hard it will be. Killing mobs is never an issue as a bm with buffs. Bosses are another story. I would recommend farming buddha guard in morai (lvl 100 skill) if you are squishy at last boss. That boss has a physical aoe pushback.​​
  • daymonddaymond Posts: 272 Arc User
    2016 - Current BM - Kniraven 1v1 Opinion

    Full +12 End Game BM vs Full +12 End Game other classes

    Our Damage is bad... like really really bad.
    Plan to repeatedly set-up for the moment and then cross your fingers for an opportune zerk+crit.

    Our Defense is great.
    CC-ing opponent + Defense = only end game Light Armor classes are a threat to us (NB4EAQQ).

    Our Accuracy sucks big floppy donkey testes.
    Barb's accuracy should theoretically suck worse than ours, but they have more 100% chance to hit skills than we do.

    Prepare to miss constantly.
    like all the time.
    tons of missing. yup.

    www.Kniraven.com | Youtube.com/Kniraven | Twitch.TV/Kniraven | Facebook.com/Kniraven
  • kyoskekyoske Posts: 163 Arc User
    I think somewhere along the way PWI forgot about bms, personally our ulti sucks, i understand how it works and depend on it somewhat but i think bms deserve better
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