Looking for a Friend, Public Apology from AvaBone (The_Truth)

I'm looking for PuppetMaster/EasterBunny/DemonAngel/SuicideGirl/Rave. This is AvaBone/MidnyteLover. I am from Dreamweaver Server ~ yes, I know that it has since been merged. I haven't been on in quite a while and I'd like to reconnect. If anyone knows where to find PuppetMaster, please send her my way! I can be found on Facebook as Nora Lynn Fitzpatrick! Or my email at aquarius2192@yahoo.com!

Please help me find her! Thank you so much!!!

Also, As some of you may notice, I did identify myself as AvaBone from Dreamweaver. And to those of you who remember me what what I did, I just want to express my apologies. Yes, I was a bigot. Yes, I hurt feelings and pissed people off. I have since matured and realized my mistakes. I am so sorry for shoving religion down the throats of many who did not want to hear it. I am sorry for giving Christians a bad name ~ or rather adding to the already bad name. I want to extend my personal apologies to the faction LGBT, whom I know my rl now EX husband viciously attacked. There is nothing wrong with you; you are beautiful just the way you are! To anyone who offered their own opinions and were met with aggression, I am sorry. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we were wrong to be so cruel. On the whole, I am sorry. I really hope that you all will be gracious enough to forgive my actions. There is no excuse for the bigotry and hatred that The_Truth displayed.

Thank you all!

Please help me find my friend.



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