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Which one is better for sin JOSD or Deity

ibajames101ibajames101 Posts: 56 Arc User
edited November 2015 in Assassin
Hey guys, i need some help on this. I don't wanna make a huge mistake. I'm a full +10 rrr9 (r3s3) sin with nw orn.

Which one is better for sin JOSD or Deity 38 votes

15% 6 votes
68% 26 votes
Half JOSD/Half Deity
15% 6 votes


  • charychary Posts: 850 Arc User
    Do refines before shards.​​
  • ibajames101ibajames101 Posts: 56 Arc User
    edited November 2015
    ty, what refine lvl you recommend ?
  • thundercleasthundercleas Posts: 22 Arc User

    ty, what refine lvl you recommend ?

  • bloodedone87bloodedone87 Posts: 1,883 Arc User
    chary said:

    Do refines before shards.​​

    Am I missing something? The OP tells he is full +10 rrr9 and you tell him do to refines before shards?
    Yes he can get full +12 but I dont think it matters now if he shard it before refine it more or the other way around. Its not like its +5 or something.

  • hypereccentrikhypereccentrik Posts: 529 Arc User
    I'm a full diety full +12 sin. I do like the build but it is squishy and does rely heavily on buffs, survival, genie ( well I guess that's for all sins) but yea I have that and 32 defense level daggers that I constantly swap out so the full diety can defenitly work or even go 2 pieces josd and then the other 4 diety.
  • muliermulier Posts: 305 Arc User
    +12 first , then decide wether u want more defense or more offense.... on a personal lvl, i would always shard atk gems for assassins.. ur just getting more bang for your buck, with +12 first,, and believe me, u gonna need the extra survival stats from +12, when ur going for shards like atk/def lvl ones... those shards (especially josd) are working in a multiplicative way off your gears... thus +12 really makes the shards shine, and gives u opportunity to fill the niche u want.

    but then again... switching josd to deity or the other way round is possible by now(w/o the need of resharding) - so try it both, and see what firts your style better....

    from experience .. all the sins i know, that were josd. are deity by now, and not regretting it =) but different ppl, different plastyles ::)
  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,673 Arc User
    Full Diety if you ask me its a DD class
    105/105/105 Seeking ScallyMode
  • nottunyxnottunyx Posts: 11 Arc User
    Full deity if you can imo.

    Sins are a DD class, not support class in pvp/mass pk (well you CAN play support but tbh roll a bm instead if ur into that)

    For Example, imo it's okay-ish for other LA DD (exmp.archer) to shard JOSD because they can chill around staying alive purging people with their bow during mass pk

    As a sin you're not supposed to loiter around moonwalking on the battlefield going around tanking people with ungodly amount of def lvls.

    You're meant to get in, CC, make people ragequit with zerk crits til they die, then GTFO out

    "B-but but squish oneshot!!11!!" Tidal and Stealth.

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