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How do you handle fighting Duskblades

teikiatsu11teikiatsu11 Posts: 94 Arc User
Mostly I'm making this thread just because our forum has been really quiet, but I'm curious as to the way everyone else handles fighting DB's. I've heard some say it's incredibly difficult while others say it's very simple.
My way of handling them is pretty much an all or nothing risk where I use AD and let them hide in stealth and the second AD wears off use an IG and lock them down for the kill. Probably not the best way to handle it but it works fairly well for me.
So tell me, how do you handle this new and obnoxious class?


  • dblazen1dblazen1 Sh*tposting at the speed of light.Posts: 1,177 Arc User
    Kill it until it's dead.​​
    The only fitting image for this forum.

  • afaria86afaria86 Posts: 63 Arc User
    You mean... How to survive for 17sec against a DB?
  • darkonomedarkonome Posts: 253 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    I'm no expert on DBs, should really check out their skill effects in more detail now that there are a few that aren't one shots, from what I've seen they have a CC chain that lasts like 20 seconds most of which bypasses movement immunity with a few multi hit skills and debuffs, so go afk grab a coffee and hope they don't GoF then stunlock them back. You should be tankier than they are and they don't have great anti-cc but they do have other skills that kinda help them survive pretty well.

    Equally geared in 1v1 situations it's basically god mode, with skill types completely unique to their class, but we knew this as this is what PWE does with new classes to encourage people to reroll.
  • jabqjabq Posts: 821 Arc User
    darkonome wrote: »
    but we knew this as this is what PWE does with new classes to encourage people to reroll.

    What if pwe introduced new classes, the same as before, but by leveling again you can upgrade your skills better, more damage, more effects, but much harder to farm *the fantasy continues* 1YyWNzt.png​​
  • e1fingere1finger Posts: 43 Arc User
    pretty much most that i do fight out gears me what i do notice is yes bm is the tanker most times i can tank thru long enough for 2 rounds of their combos to pick up there cc order then break it on the 3rd round tho catching them in return is tricky specially when u got one that times there Immunitys with that black smoke thing where u cant target them lol. havint really spend much time fighting this class to really know what all they do. I find myself still fighting a bunch of Sins archers and seekers in most cases . Im still trying to fight psys more most of the ones avalible either way too op for me or too squishy.
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