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banibebanibe Posts: 73 Arc User
ok so.. i've made a purchase on the 6th for zen.. like always i got an email saying how much i bought also my bank statement saying this is how much i spent... on the 9th another purchase was made. there is no email that says ive made a purchase on the 9th.. no pwi trans ID yet money is missing from my bank and it's saying that perfect world arc took it out. i've wrote a gm about this. and he's denying it saying that it was delayed.. but it couldnt have been delayed because i've got proof of all the transactions on the 6th. the only that's missing in on the 9th...and if anyone knows about credit card and perfect world, you'll know that when buying zen it's instant.. after it's been completed the money is taken out from ur account... but in this case they took out money and is now denying it. even though i've got proof of it. i'd like to share this, to let yall know what kinda greedy scammers they're. i'd recommend removing your card info.


  • dblazen1dblazen1 Sh*tposting at the speed of light.Posts: 1,177 Arc User
    I know about cases where the zen transfer wasn't instant and actually took a few days for them to have the zen available to them.​​
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  • the1andonlyzorsthe1andonlyzors Posts: 2 Arc User
    Please remove this, banibe cannot be slandering PWI like this. I'm sure it is against the TOS. I tried to report, but it says i'm too new.
  • banibebanibe Posts: 73 Arc User
    i dont care if it's aganist the TOS. im not gonna be cheated on and must stay quiet because i might get ban. im a paying customer and i've been cheated. im in all rights to tell others about it. and pwi knows this.. besides if it was aganist the TOS the mod would have lock'd it.. instead they moved it from general to this. so report all you like.
  • iamluckingfocoiamluckingfoco Posts: 158 Arc User
    Hmm, I've made well over one hundred zen transactions and never once an issue other than a 24 hour delay which was fixed.

    Are you from a non US country and maybe getting slapped with a vat fee on top of your zen purchase?
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  • banibebanibe Posts: 73 Arc User
    canada here. and idk. but money was taken out and i didnt get the zen for it. i honestly dont care for it much anymore. and i think bout time i closed this form.. any mods out there?? can u close please and ty
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