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g16 scythe

what g16 scythe is best? and whats the path to get it?


  • psychokiddopsychokiddo Posts: 7 Arc User
    How many G 16 Sytches are there?
    You can either get TT Sytche or Lunar Sytche which will be upgraded into TT Nirvana or Lunar Nirvana, eventually both will become the same G 16 Sytche except for 1 thing - TT will be bound once equipped and Lunar will be tradeable.
  • tielerespeonagetielerespeonage Posts: 8 Arc User
    alright didnt know that came back to the game recently thought there was dif ones
  • krian090590krian090590 Posts: 233 Arc User
    if you can't afford R9 then the best of scythe would be Adawolf Prayer, the Warsoul G16 scythe. of course that's a few hundred million coin to buy or make, but much stronger than a lunar/tt g16 scythe
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    due to mishaps in my past few years in game, I do NOT accept random invites (faction/squad/friend no randoms period) NOR will I give buffs (cleric/barb/sin/exp if i have it) to random people because they ask. If I DO give buffs to a random person, it's because of a random whim (much like the red detonator button sitting at my desk that i will one day push at a random whim)
    Also do NOT look at my gear and then proceed to pm me asking to buy my gear or for a loan of coin. It's just plain rude.
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