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Just a SB soloing Full Warsong in 20 minutes after pavs

dat1guyydat1guyy Posts: 119 Arc User
edited September 2015 in Stormbringer
Too think our class is only 10 months old! Here is my Stormbringer taking on a speed test in FW. I paid people to come help do pavs but not for the rest. From there I timed myself at the NPC to the death of Vile: Incacerate to see how fast I could solo it.

If you consider most Mobless/Spawn FW (where you would teleport to boss and kill it with the help of invincibility) that take on average like still 30 minutes. I can 'solo' one in about 26 minutes (about 6 minutes for pavs)! Of course I am very update to date with neumas, cards, meridian, levels, star charts, gears, etc. so the end game power is really overwhelming for instances that used to be difficult before all the new end game content.

Video Link: https://youtube.com/watch?v=_bU8mFvYH-I
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