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Penetrate skills for seekers

belnorbelnor Posts: 105 Arc User
So I'm still a little confused with regards to the new penetrate skills that are part of the star charts. What I understand is that we definitely want physical penetration as a good half of our skills do physical damage. Being as the other half of our skills do magic damage, wouldn't we also want magical penetration? Anyone have any thoughts on this?


  • aeternusdoleoaeternusdoleo Posts: 180 Arc User
    Both of these are useful for seekers and other characters that deal both physical and elemental damage.
    Archers benefit from magic penetration as well for example (and to a limited extent Clerics, Venos and Mystics benefit from Physical Penetration).

    It depends mostly on how heavily you use those skills.
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  • belnorbelnor Posts: 105 Arc User
    Thanks for your reply. The guide they had out for this didn't seem very in depth about this. I had done a little testing with the mobs outside of Archosaur but I'm guessing that the penetrate skills are only really useful against other players. Might be good to keep one chart for pvp and one for pve depending on what one has on their charts.
  • eirghaneirghan Posts: 1,912 Arc User
    edited September 2015
    i'll +1 the above. The penetration skills take a chunk off of another players defenses, so seekers benefit off both, and each penetration will work for each type of attack. It's not like how seekers physical attack can do magic damage -- which is what is so confusing about this effect
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