Frostbite and Vigors

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So, how do you all feel about the Corrosive Cold (Frostbite effect) passive? It increases the cooldown time of an enemy's guardian charms, can be triggered by a Reflect from SoV, and seems to also work in tandem with Empowered/Diminished Vigor. Has this new passive's presence made you consider using Empowered more often to counteract the effect? Has the effect of stacking with Diminished Vigor made it any easier to kill your targets?

How do you feel about other classes having access to this effect?

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  • mulier
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    dont like it ... just another psy arche skill taken away --- whats left? SoS - other than that? nothing.
    funny thing is - SoS can be countered by a single genie skill. RIP psy (unless full+12 - and even then your SoS wont proc)
    on a sidenote - atleast it doesnt matter( in terms of souls) if you go demon or sage as a psy - as the souls are bugged and demon and sage souls got the same data