Update Old Classe's Spell Effects

darknight2350 Posts: 3 Arc User
Put this in the Wizard Forum because I believe they have some of the most boring spell effects. I'm not talking about Black Ice Dragon Strike or the other Spark abilities but rather, I'm talking about their regular abilities like Gush, Pyrogram and Hailstorm which all look very outdated in comparison to the newer magic casters.

But right now it feels as if I can't roll a Wizard because of how terribly outdated their spell effects are. That and, it relies too much on sparks.

What do you guys think? Would an update for spell effects for these older classes such as Wizard, BM, Veno and Barb be something you'd like?


  • bells09
    bells09 Posts: 9 Arc User
    rebirth mana shield fixed the chi or lack there of issue wizzys used to suffer. As for my char needing to do 20 flips and stand on her head whilst scratching her nose with her foot animations just to cast a spell - I think I'd pass, wizzy may not be flashy but we stand there and get the kills whilst all the other casters do their fluffy flips