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Triple charged by PWE

Was wondering if anyone else had this issue where ARC charged a total of $400 for a $100 option? I just went through 5 hours of going between support and my bank to find out what the issue is. Needless to say I removed my info from ARC and support stated they removed it from their end. Support was not helpful in the least in getting me any answers... while my bank went out of their way for me... There are no viruses on my pc, nobody else charged in my name and PWE denies charging it.

Anyone else have this experience? Any insight other than trolls?

(Side note I also posted in tech support but they suggested that I repost here.)


  • ovenusarmanioovenusarmanio Posts: 6,695 Community Moderator
    I don't know why they told you to repost the thread, but they were wrong. Update your ticket and don't bother with the forum. It's the ticket staff that is supposed to help you. dino3-8.gif​​

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