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pay by phone/sms/etc

samizicisamizici Posts: 1 Arc User
did they remove this ? cuz the only thing i can find is pay with credit card...


  • xyourromeoxxyourromeox Posts: 1 Arc User
    think they did its not been there for sometime now
  • whipmaihurrwhipmaihurr Snuggles Posts: 133 Arc User
    QQ I like using my phone to charge gold :(
    The only GOP
  • quinniequinnie Posts: 46 Arc User
    they removed it some months ago, they did mentioned that it would return in the future. but we know how fast they are with future things....
  • vanstormervanstormer Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited September 2015
    I think mobile payment method is the easiest and fastest way to purchase gold, I need it back.
  • vyoon#7113 vyoon Posts: 7 Arc User
    Please bring this back, still it is the best method of payment since it can be accessed by everyone, especially today who dont have a mobile? plus its handy and convenient. Think about it, the more you offer wide variety of payment methods, the more you can earn and help the progression of game economy :D
  • lilkitsu#4417 lilkitsu Posts: 87 Arc User
    and there's a necro. time to close this thread @sylenthunder
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