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NEW LOCKBOX SYSTEM - Who likes it?

themoorethemoore Post: 1 Arc Utente
I have many members complaining on the single drop and useless drop a bunch of companion and mounts that have now near to zero value in the auction house. Seems that is only thing these lockboxes are good for.

The fact that the upgrade tokens now are not in bags and go straight to your inventory, they are not tradable or sellable AND IS A HUGE LOSS.
We normalkly organiza Alliance events with prizes and give these tokens away but it will not be possible moving forward if this system remains in place.
For those that do not need them because they have both bolsters to 100% and are gathering over 2.000 tokens of both type it is USELESS.

The Fasct that it shows at milestone 50 and 100 a Mythical item, when it is only a chance of, is very missleading.

Many of us that used to spend money and buy zen for the bulk of key HAVE NO MORE INTENTION of doing so, because USELESS AND WORTHLESS.
It is a way higher chance of getting something of low value 100-1000AD then of getting something good.

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