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4 day i cant play dammm servor

agent13#3167 agent13 Member Messages: 1 Utilisateur Arc
How the servor cant lag like that alway i be kick out and the lag man wow somebady have a idea


  • percemerpercemer Community Coordinator Member Messages: 5,903 Équipe communautaire
    Greetings @agent13#3167,

    I invite you to modify the Neverwinter launcher options ; first uncheck the "On-demand patching" box, and then check the "Force verify" box, and save. This will allow you to download the entire game (about 25GB instead of 12.5GB) to reduce loading and patching while playing. By the way, you are currently on the French forum, and you can access here to the English forum.


    Have fun on Neverwinter!

    Community Coordinator

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