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First Attempt at a Foundry (Farming Foundry)

ashworthrd99ashworthrd99 Member Posts: 20 Arc User
edited November 2014 in Foundry Quest Database
Hello everyone. I made my first attempt at a farming foundry. I do want to start off by saying I do not endorse Farming for Profit (FoP). I know a lot do it and if that's your thing so be it.

I made 2 foundries for farming.

1st one ~A Personal RP Farm~ (Ranged)--- NW-DPVYSXK6Y
Made for people with a ranged class for farming RP for personal use.

2nd one ~A Personal RP Farm~ (Melee)--- NW-DQOWC74G5
Made for people with a Melee class for farming RP for personal use.

I would like to know what everyone thinks of these 2 foundries. And any idea's to improve them and to make your farming experience more enjoyable.

[email protected]
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