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Uncontrollable character movement

battlemaiden1battlemaiden1 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
edited December 2013 in Bug Reports (PC)
For absolutely no reason whatsoever, my characters now slow walk (slower than the actual /walk 1 command) towards the left. Pressing my WASD keys doesn't help besides "S" which will halt the characters movement for as long as it's held down.

I have no idea what's causing this, it's on every character, even on separate accounts. I've booted up another MMO to test if my keys were broken, but as you can see I can type perfectly fine, and movement on the other MMO was uninhibited and normal.

Not sure what's wrong, I've submitted a ticket but decided to post this just in case someone else is experiencing this.
From what I can remember, the last thing I was doing was about to enter the Cragmire Crypts, then logged off to go and do something. I came back about half an hour later and my account had not been auto logged out like usual if you idle at the character select screen for too long.
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    ieatgurlsieatgurls Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    Its gotta be that forum sig causing this.
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    fr0gurtfr0gurt Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    What is most likely happening is that Neverwinter is picking up drift from a gamepad thumbstick or a joystick. Neverwinter has code for handling game controllers, but has it disabled due to bugs during beta. However the disable doesn't kick in immediately. What happens is that Neverwinter detects the joystick drift during start-up, then disables the code so that you can't correct it. For that reason, I usually don't turn on my gamepad (using Xpadder as an emulator) until after my character loads in.

    There have been other reports that this problem can happen without any controllers connected. (In fact, it happened to me once.) May be a device conflict of some sort.
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    battlemaiden1battlemaiden1 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    yeah, I resolved to just reinstall the game, things working now.
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