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Too much XP

shumanfooshumanfoo Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 18 Arc User
edited June 2013 in PvE Discussion
As a casual player, I like how quickly the games levels so I can play through content in the limited time I have to spend in game. However, I think there are 2 features that grant XP that I wish did not: Invocation and Leadership. For one of my early 20's levels I got an entire lvl up just with crafting and invocation.

The mechanic of crafting and invocation are to reward frequent contact with the game. I can easily log and pray 1-3 times a day for the coins and AD as well as craft throughout the day in the gateway. It just rewards me with XP that I don't want since I would rather earn it in the game with questing and mob killing. I've stopped logging in to pray when I know I can't play for a few days because I don't want to out level the quests I'm working on.
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    jayws84jayws84 Member Posts: 42
    edited May 2013
    I agree. Fast levelling is great, but this is too fast. I want to be able to play all content, which I can't do at this rate. I don't even do dailies every day, and still I struggle with doing skirmishes and dungeons before I outlevel them. Not to mention that the game feels too easy when you're constantly ahead in levels.
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    speedrope01speedrope01 Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    I disagree, I rather like "missing" some content due to the fast leveling. That way when I choose to level another character I can have a different experience for the most part.
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    implodemeimplodeme Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    I feel the same with leveling too quickly. In the spirit of D&D leveling should be a long thought out process, which can take time and I just feel rushed all the time. I mean, it meshes with every other MMO out there, quest lines = progression = matched XP leveling, but for D&D I was willling to slow down for the lore and story which makes D&D enticing to begin with.

    If you are finding yourself on a fence between D&D and MMO, I'd recommend D&D more often than not.
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    ambermajambermaj Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    I played through the content once with my first character. I like that I can use various methods to easily skip areas I'm not crazy about. The game levels just fine imho.
    Cuz you sebestimated me!
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    chilidog808chilidog808 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    I do think leveling is too fast, you shouldn't get so much XP for invocation and crafting.. should be zero xp for crafting IMO. I wish there was a disable XP option, at least to give people the choice.
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    fallenhawkfallenhawk Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    Play a Asian grind fest if you want slower leveling. :rolleyes: Just don't force me to play your way.
    I can still move.
    I can still fight.
    I will never give up!
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