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Greetings and salutations

silver44swordsilver44sword Member Posts: 0 Arc User
edited March 2013 in The Moonstone Mask (PC)
Hail and well met adventurers......

I will introduce myself as an avid D&D fan and supporter. I have been involved like many others in the PnP version since it's inception in the late 70's and have a huge collection of material that supports my hobby. Although for the most part as I have gotten older, I am now more of an absentee and most of my collection which is alot; is carefully packaged and self-contained in totes. Stored away for safe keeping and there when I feel the urge to reminises.
I was introduced to D&D by a school mate. If I remember correctly he showed me the first monster manual, I was hooked when he started explaing this new and fantastic game. I immediately got my G ma to take me to the store where she helped me get a couple AD&D manuals; the PHB and the monster manual 2 volume to be exact. The MM with the cover painting of a Giant in the woods attacking a warrior. That book was ripe and filled with all these cool creatures and sketches. It set my imagination on fire.....

I spent hours trying to absorb all the info and loved everyminute of it. D&D, especially AD&D is what peeked my interest additionally in reading and writing. Loved the FR campaign boxed set when it came out, but what really got me incapacitated even more than the others was the D&D original redbox set. It slowly dragged me in with it's simple and compelling approach for enlightening beginers on how to play and use their imagination in fun and intelligent manner. Calcualting formulaes for attacks and defense, among other things really offered depth that most other games at the time didn't, and the AD&D mterial strengthened it and made it all the sweeter.

One of my all time favorites and proudly I own all the boxed sets and most of the manuals, is the PLANESCAPE campaign. It just didn't get any better than that. And sadly that is still held true today. I am not a fan of the newer material, and I thought that the 3rd edition was an editorial clean up of existing material. The 4th aint even D&D anymore, more like based off a mixtured D&D/WOW palette designed for the younger RP card and mmo kids.
"Now it's all about stats, and buffs, and crits!" I ask WTF is wrong with this picture. D&D/AD&D was about grand adventures, questing to rid the lands, the kingdoms and worlds of evil incarnate. venturing forth either solo or in a party with other pc's to find treasure.....not grind for leveling or for loot. It was about role playing and enjoying your character in a world of NPC's where the DM took care of the #'s and you rolled dice for success or failure or development for that matter. Yes, some will disagree and say it's generally the same. I rest assure you it's not....the feel isn't there. It's partial and a little lost and lacking.

As an example of one small point I would like to add remembering that a holy avenger sword was one of the greatest weapons any fighter/paladin(Not pally-that's disgraceful to say-a paladin would smite you for such dishonor.)could possess not so anymore. and we Now have allowed weapons that drain and steal energy and lives in games like DDO. Using a weapon like that in any genuine D&D campaign would shift your alignment almost instantaneously, and you would suffer huge experience subtractions, deductions, and possibly levels for such evil acts....that being downright heinous willful crimes in campaigning, yet these games title themselves D&D.

All these "OUT of PLACE" words and terminology that are not conduscive to the D&D literature too is grossly infectious.



On a different note-

I am really excited to step into NWO, with an open hopeful mind that they did it right this time like baldur's gate or the original NW pc game offering a healthy intelligent and respectfully genuine D&D community.

I am also really excited about the Foundry and although i feel they should of implimented this toolset well after the release; giving the thriving community time to grow with the DEV main content and establish maingame content repetior. I will still definetly 'binge' myself within it's confines and produce/direct a good campaign or two full of arcs, npc progressiveness and deliver suspenseful and intriguing character dilogue to satiate any animal venturing into it's storyline confines.

If NWO can offer me the tried and true of the original, with a little pizzazz here and ther to create an atmosphere that is conduscive and traditional to the original of the 1st, 2nd, and cleanup job of the 3.0...not 3.5 or 4th and 5th, than I'm sold. I have been scarred by other similarily titled xeroxed mmo's to suck up again.

"I salute all my brothers and sister out there whom harken the days of yore and I vigorously raise my battle brazzened arm with a mug of ale in me hand and I wholeheartedly swig for good cheers to warm you when yers about on that epic adventure to save our lands from the beasts, and thugs that try to spoil it", "If there ever be a place to find a good and devout batch of hearty folk to endure the evils that amass us; it's neverwinter and all it's glorious beauty that once was.........!"
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  • iamtruthseekeriamtruthseeker Member, Moonstars, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    Well, first off, from a fellow late 70's introduced to D&D, welcome to Neverwinter! I too feel the best campaign they came out with was Planescape (which they reintroduced in part with the DMG 2 in the 4th edition.

    As for the rest...

    Well, a lot of it does seem a lot of the time to court the same group that plays the CCG and MMO set. Whether it's true or the fallacy that perpetuates itself I'll leave for other times to debate.

    But unless it's an item that when worn changes said alignment immediately, that it takes multiple actions to shift an alignment. After all (short a paladin of the old versions,) one act doesn't ruin you. It's that road to...well, the good intention paved one is what we know. Still, items like life stealing were around since the original D&D days (this forum mentions not only that but the discussion of ethics of using said weapons.)
  • deathssickledeathssickle Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    Yes if you look at many of the threads in the art and fiction and also the Discussion forums, especially the really old threads before we new anything of beta and the like, you will find many, many threads of us discussing everything form weapons to peoples favorite editions.

    I recommend reading the Neverwinter Extended FAQ if you havent already.
    The Directory of the Founder Guilds of Neverwinter can help with guild shopping.

    and I just looked at the clock and I seem to be posting at 2AM again....

    Well I hope to see you on the forums, I hope you will like the game and that at some point I will see you in-game
    I am usually Deaths Crowbar.

    Anyone still searching for guilds you can check out HCG Hardcore Christian Gamers.
    NW FAQ | HCG NW Host Site
  • govanatorukgovanatoruk Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    Hail and well met brave adventurer and welcome to the Neverwinter forum!

    If in your journey you seek a guild to aid you on your way, then might I suggest you make your way to the that notice board over there and look at the Directory of the Founder Guilds of Neverwinter as I'm sure you will find something that will take your fancy as DeathsSickle has suggested.

    Additionally, if you should be seeking a friendly guild that is accepting of all and already has a strong presence in Neverwinter, then might I suggest you look at my own guild, The Neverwinter Knights as we may well be what you seek. All the best.


  • gillrmngillrmn Member Posts: 7,800 Arc User
    edited March 2013

    But unless it's an item that when worn changes said alignment immediately, that it takes multiple actions to shift an alignment. After all (short a paladin of the old versions,) one act doesn't ruin you. It's that road to...well, the good intention paved one is what we know. Still, items like life stealing were around since the original D&D days (this forum mentions not only that but the discussion of ethics of using said weapons.)


    Also, one more thing. Although I also like 3e - I hated that alignment decided my action. "Why are you killing that person? You are lawful good!" hearing it in a session ruined my carefully crafted story.

    In 4e, if I kill people - I can justify it with lore explanation. The actions are not determined by my alignment, my alignment relects my intentions.
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