Opening Lockboxes one at a time or...

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Does your chance to get better loot from the lockboxes differ whether you open one lockbox at a time or you save up let's say 30 enchanted keys and open 30 lockboxes in a row?

I heard from someone that opening a pile of lockboxes in a row increases your chance to get better loot but it sounds like some sort of an urban legend.


  • reg1981
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    It's just superstition but I agree with it. I stack everything before opening! I've been opening 1 key a day since VIP came out and have never pulled a Mythic mount this way. Before the last mod came out I started saving keys. I had 22 keys to open and pulled a Mythic mount!

    Invoke boxes, I can open them as I get them and never see a coal ward. I started to stack them 100 at a time and pull roughly 4 coal wards per 100 boxes.
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    It could matter, but there is no way to know for sure. Depends on how the pseudo random engine is set. Rule #1 in programming there is no random. Random number generators are based upon algorithms. Back when I was doing an exam for Pascal, we were told to make a simple game of chance. While everyone else use Int (rnd(seed)*10+0.5) to generate random numbers between 1 and 10.

    I used the player to be my random number. A variable was running and while the player made any decision, when they made a choice it stopped and used Mod(my_variable,10)+1 the remainder of my_variable divided by 10 plus 1. I received some extra credit for not using the built in algorithm. They probably have a custom algorithm, my wife tested it here long ago and found streaks.

    Instead of getting a different result time after time she found repetition. Those chests you get for the 11 prayer vouchers, she saved them up until she had several and would open them very quickly. She ended up getting 3 to 4 coalescent wards in a row. This would suggest they didn't make the random very well. If you imagine a wheel of fortune with all the good prizes clustered in one spot, it would keep stopping on the good prizes as it is spun with the same amount of force each time. You get larger losing streaks but you also get winning streaks as well. That would be my hypothesis.
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    It's rng but very weird rng. As hotfrostworm wrote, when you open invoke boxes very quickly you can get coals in a row. I opened x90 skeletal lockboxes and got only one lich account (no mounts) and not so many tbars. You can't open them that fast as you can invoke boxes.
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    I do not open box with less than 100, usually, it is much more than that.
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    its rng ya i agree but also agree the more u open the better the chances
    its like gambling... play once chance at wining are slim to none.... play more then once... better chances
    ive opend 100s before and got nothing good.... ive opend less then that and pulled 2 mythic an ledgendary of same
    rng is rng
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    It is all superstition, so whatever works for you.
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    kharkov58 said:

    It is all superstition, so whatever works for you.

    Yes that is why I use an Ouija Board to open mine. But only if the stars are aligned or it is Friday the 13th. :trollface:

    If you open 1000 and get 40 of item X, then it is a 4% chance you will get item X from the box. The only way steaks can change the probability would be, if you actually know when the streaks will occur. It isn't like they go around announcing when people are winning stuff... oops!

    Just killing time...