Combat enchantment not worth the ilvl boost

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Having a 5k ilvl increase with no combined rating is effectively nerfing my character into the ground. Lowering all stats by 5% offense and defense not only lowers all of my effective damage across the board but I'm also dying to random hits that I would normally shrug off. I don't think this experience is unique to me either.

I was previously at 55k ilvl and able to fly through most of the game content. Now at the new artificially boosted 66k much of the content has become difficult to accomplish. Scaled content has become a major frustration. Radq groups within this ilvl used to have no trouble and now experience multiple deaths and wipes due to the changes.

Bottom line, not only do I see no value in these new combat enchants, but I see negative value in a combat enchant.


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    Maybe you didnt notice that items give you 10% damage increase or damage reduction (and other dmg or defensive effect)

    So dont talk only about the IL. If you think that item is not worth it, you are very bad at math.
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    Curious that you think this " Player Feedback" was meant for you.
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    You posted it in an open forum. Of course people are going to leave comments.
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    Only opinions that confirm the OP's bias please.
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    No. No they're not pointless.

    Between the Combat and Companion Enchants, that is 6500 iLvL unaccounted for. However:

    - Mount Collars now give Combined Rating (as they were apparently always supposed to). 50% iLvL for most of them and 100% iLvL for the Practical ones. That's 1800 for a full set at Epic only.
    - Now that Enchants actually give meaningful contributions to individual Ratings, it's very easy to cap them. Allowing in general at least 1 free in each Off/Def to contribute to boosting a neglected Rating.
    - If you still need more Ratings, an Augment Companion will give an extra 7500 to each of its enhanced stats on top of its base contributions when slotted with a Mythic Companion Enchant.

    Remember you're only supposed to be able to reasonably Cap up to 3 stats per Class. My Defense is so much better on my DPS classes than it was prior to M22 and my Power, Crit and CritSev are still capped. My Tanks have so many more Offensive stats now.

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    according to @noworries#8859 on refinement q&a it was supposed to be 10k il due to the ratio of 1k = 1%
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    arcanjo86 said:

    according to @noworries#8859 on refinement q&a it was supposed to be 10k il due to the ratio of 1k = 1%

    He did say that. It took me a minute to realize that making them 10k iL would have been bad. Right now I take mine off for solo play, my survivability is much better and ttk difference on new zone mob groups isn't noticeable.

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