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Unsupported OS pop up

gortys1gortys1 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
I keep getting an Unsupported OS pop up now. It says I'm using Windows 7, but I'm using Windows 11 and my RX 580 graphics card is directX 12 compatible.

So on the 15th, it looks like I will not be playing this game and lose my VIP gaming time., until you fix this stupid error.


  • warden#1231 warden Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    Hello all, ran into this problem today: I was given an error that my video card does not support directx11, I can not play the game and I should buy a new video card, but the point is that I have gtx 1650, and the version of directx12, I wonder if anyone had a similar error?
  • samerikersameriker Member Posts: 169 Arc User
    They shouldn't place OS and GPU block up until they know they will work.
    Try to run the game in "safe mode" in the launcher options, it will clear the GPU settings.
    Run dxdiag and on the first tab it should read directx 12 and on the display tab it should give you the information on your GPU. I wouldn't mess around here on the forums, submit a ticket and every 4 to 5 hours keep updating the ticket until you get action. Use the dxdiag to save your information and post it to the ticket. Otherwise they will just ask you for more information. Don't get violent with them, DO NOT let them close your tickets or they make it solved and get paid for doing nothing.
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  • auron#6793 auron Member Posts: 374 Arc User
    anyone getting this with Ubuntu +wine?
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  • hotfrostwormhotfrostworm Member Posts: 447 Arc User
    @auron#6793 WINE is an overlay that simply lies to the application and says, yes I am windows 10 and sure I have the compatible hardware. In reality, it is translating the kernel and the DX API calls for Linux. As I stated in Preview I had only the issue using WINE 6.0.2 and since then upgraded to 6.17 (but only for this one game). When I tried to patch Live it failed to patch, but I see there is an update after noon today, so I will get back with you on that one.

    Take a look, at the Linux OS thread I made here. There is a video where I was able to play Preview with Linux OS booting off a USB stick. The OS took up about 4GB on the stick and I played the game from the SSD partition. I don't recommend doing it that way, every time you reboot the changes made to the ISO will not stay permanent. But if you couldn't get online any other way, it might work.

    Another thing I noticed, there has been a glitch with the chat when using Linux OS to play. The issue started with module 18 but wasn't present on Preview, so I will be sure to jump back on in 4 hours to see if it has returned with Live or gone away for now. The chat would go dead when swapping characters, one had to log out and log in as the next character to use chat. Since this was linked to Linux OS, I never pressed anyone at Cryptic to fix it, but I did warn them it could lead to more Windows errors in the future. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • hotfrostwormhotfrostworm Member Posts: 447 Arc User
    edited January 13
    The patching failure was my fault earlier, I still had my default prefix for Preview in there and moved the 6.17 prefix to Live. Should be all good to go now.
    Patching (1.4 GB) was done fast enough, I still need to remember to set my version to Windows 10 again, otherwise I will keep getting that popup.
    Start and the loading bar still travels to 115% on the Cryptic clouds loading.
    Wait for a long time on Red Dragon logo.
    Entered character menu and selected character.
    Yeah! Chat works when you swap characters.

    Hope that helps you @auron#6793

    As for the Windows users with the issue, you are going to be told by the support that it is obviously "your equipment" and not an issue with this game. I would never be the one to tell you that your hardware is wrong or the OS isn't Windows 11, but they sure will. Best of luck with those tickets.

    ---client crashed at 1:50 PM EST--- online for almost 2 hours
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