Reapers Que - Castle Ravenloft

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Hello. :)

Have a short video of the hypo in Reaper's Que; Castle Ravenloft through this link.
I really doubt that this is working as intended.

Here we have two healers, 730,000 HP -ish to 1,000,000 (tank), 4 people in the Hypo, the only person missing is the book person (our 5th party member).

We got hit by around a 650,000 to 900,000 damage each hit after mitigation. (Rounded from multiple runs)

The hypo also seems to strike oddly, as this clip here shows the DPS just getting deleted.
Sadly I did not save logs, but willing to run it again for some combat logs if that will help.


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    Nimbus getting deleted from the party.
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    Mitigation in those clips:

    Hallowed Ground
    Astral Shield
    Globe set,
    Shield of faith,
    Paladin tab shield,
    among some constant support mitigation. (companions ect. ect.)

    Healing word is active, bastion is used out of astral shield to heal the hits and party is using pots.
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    update. The other thread:

    Lassor replied there.

    It looks like Sif has already created a new thread specifically for Reapers Challenge. I was mainly calling out the distinction to hopefully filter out additional info from Reaper's Challenge CR and to differentiate for anyone following along that the current thinking is that the damage of 'regular' CR's bloodflight is a little overtuned, while the Reaper's Challenge version seems to be significantly overtuned from the example video given. I've asked our QA team to evaluate both regular and RC damage values for bloodflight with the damage reduction I'm making, though I won't be the one to make the RC specific adjustments.

    Some additional things to clarify to remove any potential confusion. When a player steps into a Pool of Decay they receive a DoT, which could give the illusion of 'invisible' pools since the damage source is a Pool of Decay when you're far removed from it. There is a red aura that should emanate from the character for the duration of that DoT, though it's possible it's getting culled on occasion. Our FX artists are looking into this.

    The lanterns at the edges of the arena do not, and have never, removed the Bloodflight (bat swarm) soak mechanic. If it appeared that it did at some point in the past, it was either convenient timing that it ended as you entered the light area or you encountered a beneficial bug of some kind.
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    Yeah, the only way my guild found to beat it was 4 dps, 1 healer. A dps on book, whoever gets the hypo just has to take it alone. Don't know if you tried any other combinations after that attempt.
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    Guys in my guild were there 4 straight hours just for the first boss, while sharing the run via discord. At the end they made it, by hiting each sister as they were tiammat's heads, and finish them off when their HP were low enough. Avoiding bloodflight at all
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    There have been more comments relating to RC CR in the other thread now.