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Siege Masters Discipline doesn't work. I spent a lot of resources to upgrade it to max level too.

nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 97 Arc User
Siege Masters Discipline "Increase the power of your At-Will powers by 11%, this is double in stronghold". How i tested.

I unequipped all gear and companion bonuses apart from daggers that had no bonus effects.

I tested on target dummies

I play Rogue and tested using Cloud Of Steel and Sly Flourish.

I equipped a companion bonus that wouldn't effect damage output(level 750).

Results from Cloud Of Steel and Sly Flourish:

Normal hit - 1313
Deflected Normal hit - 889
Deflected Crit - 1366
Crit - 2019

I then unequipped the companion bonus that had no effect on damage output and equipped Siege Masters Discipline(also level 750).

The damage output was exactly the same. It is supposed to increase At-Will powers by 11%.


  • autumnwitchautumnwitch Member Posts: 1,015 Arc User
    I think the tool tip says it increases the power of at wills, not damage. So, if you are maxed out with power (or close to it) he may have no affect at all.

    That said, I have never been able to get a clear definition if what "increase power" really means.

    So who the heck knows?
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  • nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    I get what you're saying about not having a clear definition of power in this game, but as far as i know no one has ever seen this companion bonus effect anything. I'll get a ticket if they don't address it as i don't like spending Zen to upgrade companions that have bugged/not working mechanics.
  • tommy069#5108 tommy069 Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    Are you sure its doing NOTHING?

    It works OK for me.

    If you have a lot of +XX% damage bonuses it might not seem like it is doing its job, but it won't add +11% to your current damage IF you already have other things providing a +XX% bonus to damage.

    If, for example, your base At Will attack damage is 1000 the Siege Master will provide an additional +11% (or 110) of that base.
    If you also have a ring, some gear, Strength or Int bonuses, etc, that also add a percentage to damage, the siege master will combine with those to provide an overall +XX% to damage.

    So, without any other bonuses your 1000 base attack will do 1110 if ONLY the siege master is providing a bonus.

    IF you also have those other bonuses, say Attribute bonus of +3%, a Ring giving +5% and someone is running Drizzt with his flat +3%
    that will also provide +11%.

    So with those you get a total of +22%. Base 1000 + 22% (Total 1220)

    You don't get: Base 1000 +11% (Running Total - 1110) +3% (Running Total -1143) +5% (Running Total -1200) +3% (Total -1236)

    With bigger base numbers, Crits, and multiple +XX% bonuses these differences appear bigger, making people think that adding +% to damage provides "Diminishing returns", rather than simply "Buffing your damage bonus."

    Gus Archer did some tests on this very companion a day or two back, and with some pretty basic set ups showed that Siege Master does indeed provide +11% on At Will Damage. NOT the Power Stat... Damage, caused by At Will attacks.
    (Given the fact he couldn't remove the +% to damage he got from his characters Strength Attribute, he showed that the total is actually slightly higher than 11%)
    His results are available on Youtube.

    If it's genuinely providing NOTHING, you do have a bug and it needs reporting.
    If it's merely not doing as much as you expected/hoped, that may be because your expectations were based on a false understanding of the mechanic.
  • nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    Sorry i should have updated this post, i posted it in the PC forums also, turned out the siege master is only bugged on the SH target dummies. Works fine otherwise :)
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