The endless grind for VOS hardcore rings

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I think I am not the only one who complained about terrible drops of the reagents.
The rings now being account bound are a nice step forward.

However, it is still very difficult to get the reagents, and you can do more dozens, hundreds of runs before getting your last reagent.
What is depressing is that you can several runs without any single reagents dropping for anybody , or sometimes reagents are dropping for people that already have them.

I would suggest the reagents to be account-bound (it would also motivate to farm on another class to avoid the boredom), and to have a need/greed option on the reagents.

You may as well introduce some kind of scroll for each successful hardcore run. After 50 scrolls (or whatever number that is deemed worthy), you can buy the elusive reagent of your choice.

Of course, you can also increase the overall drop rate :D .
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    I definitely agree with all your suggestions.

    I was lucky and got my ring after trying more than 56 times. I literally played everyday and it took almost 3.5 weeks. The funny thing was my guild mate couldn't even get one reagent from 2nd or 3rd minibosses. He was with me during all VOS HC runs.

    The only option to collect reagents shouldn't be RNG. There must be alternative ways to get them. It is simply not fair. I don't know if devs care player base from that perspective, I hope they can pay attention to all suggestions...