Bard Weapons - When will they make the Campaign Stores!

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I think the Bard is so cool and with such swagger! Good to play but still complicated without proper technique! But - where are the weapons in the stores! - LoL! - All the Bard sets seem to be missing from the stores - I recently went Map Hunting in Avernus (Today I got 4 OffHand Lutes! Making it 5 in total: And what we love about this Hunt!: 0 main hands so far! deja vu )

- And while looking for maps I was completing Avernus quests from Makos and Lulu - and I checked out the store. However to my great disappointment, there weren't any bard sets in yet! Although I had already by then made 2000 scraps - with which I could have gotten it! And refined it on my main and started using a great starter set! But, none yet in store! And in the Cloaked Ascendency store, and in Chult - the teeth merchant - and I bet in a lotta places too! But one place I saw them at was the Redeemed Citadel. I will be heading there next for the campaign, and I could grab a set from the Milestone rewards too...

However - when these weapons make all the various campaign stores they're gonna be hot! I could just imagine the Mirage Illusions running about and the other sets, of which I just remembered: The Twisted Sets have been taken off entirely for all classes!!! And I have so much of that Underdark currency to spend on my new Endgame alts! -LoL! Good starting sets too - well anyway, that's probably not the biggest set back with the recent mod, Undermountain currencies have been deleted! And the store!!! - What's that? I can't get those cool artifacts for coalescent magics - LoL! and I am looking forward to see what the tyrant's lute look like, this being x2 chult - I could just start a hunt and see what's around!

Thanks and in advance for the speedy release! (Godspeed!)


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    Dont hold your breath it seems to hard to do basic things for a new class release.