Grand Summer Feast - only can craft with last year's materials?

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Although I see 2 choices to craft the Grand Summer Feast in this year's recipe menu, they both require the old sorbet, soup and caprese materials.
Was the original intent that there were 2 separate Grand Summer Feasts recipes listed to allow for the use of either last year's mats or this years?

It makes no sense to use last year's mats to create this year's Feast ( lower stats) and it stops new players to the Summer Event from crafting the Grand Summer Feast at all unless they spend exorbitant amounts on the old mats in the Auction House.


  • deanski07
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    Yes this does not make sense at all,besides not having a Summer Artisan for a week,now the recipe asks for resources that you guys changed,really not fair at all. Please fix the recipes and give us an extra week for crafting for not having an Artisan for a week.
  • hottsuace#2038
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    So they fixed the Holloween event, but not this in the event that is ongoing right now?