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Drop rates in VOS HC

highlyunstablehighlyunstable Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 343 Arc User
I get it, it is something that is a "Luxury" and an extra added bonus to our gear BUT.... to ( Once again) apply the RNG to get to another RNG is just madness. Ran with the same Guild mates for a week... must have run at least 70 HC runs and not one drop from the 2nd mini boss ring reagent.
Yes, it has dropped as I know some players that have both rings and everything needed for a 3rd, while a LOT of us have run this for a week and cannot even get a single ring.

What is interesting is.... as told to me by many other players, once they got the first ring, the reagents seem to drop more and more for them and less and less for the players that do not have.

Is there ANY CHANCE they can look at it and maybe just make a "small" adjustment to the drop rate???? It must be 1/10,000 or something close.

As we know, this could result in many players NEVER getting a single ring,... resulting in many just giving up as it is just to much to not only not die, but then pray and pray to get the drop.... which will more then likely never happen. JMHO.


  • skulbukol#9415 skulbukol Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    A friend mentioned, they farmed it for 24 hours. No drops. Yes, VERY frustrating and time consuming. It leaves a player exhausted and upset.

    I bet the RNG on lockboxes is way better. I wish there was a currency in VoS HC where if you farmed enough currency of it, you can buy the rings. I suspect if only a few are farming VoS HC, the less likely the reagents will drop and leg rings at chests.

    Devs may or may not adhere to what we want but I wish there is someone on their end who would reply to us back with answers. Not vague ones I hope.
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