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Bugs in the Sisters of Strahd fight in Castle Ravenloft

flinnty#9711 flinnty Member Posts: 23 Arc User

I am delighted to see that Castle Ravenloft has been added back to the random queues! It has always been one of my favorite dungeons, both visually and mechanically.

But, that being said, there are some serious issues with the dungeon that need to be fixed, as it currently is not in an great state to be played. This is especially true to the first boss fight, the Sisters of Strahd.

Firstly, the agro on the sisters are bugged. The main sister will pick players at random to persistently target with her attacks, regardless of who has agro. There is nothing the tank can do to regain the attention of the boss. This is a problem because of the stack mechanic attack, which can only be successfully blocked by a tank. Even when the player the sister is targeting dies, the sister will often continue to target them after they revive.

Secondly, the main sister can get locked onto the player who picks up the book. She will follow them around persistently, making it impossible for them to pull the red sisters away from the main one and effectively stalling the fight from progressing. I think it might have something to do with who has agro when the book is picked up. The only fix is for the player with the book to drop it so that another player can pick it up.

Thirdly, the bosses simply do too little damage ever since the combat changes. The second boss is fine, but the first boss, the sisters of strahd, only hit for a few hundred damage at a time. They do so little damage that as a tank I can spend the entire fight afk with my shield up and it never depletes. It makes the fight really boring. Please buff the damage done by the three sisters significantly. Bosses should do more damage than base mobs, otherwise it does not make sense. The last boss also does not do a lot of damage, so maybe a slight buff to him as well. I don’t mean for CR bosses to one shot tanks, but to simply make them do a reasonable amount of damage so that tanks and healers can have an engaging dungeon experience.

Lastly, and while this is an intended mechanic and not a bug, the time that players have to kill the Portal of Power which spawns after a sister is defeated is a bit short. For an experienced and coordinated group this does not present much of a challenge, but because CR is included in the random queues, coordination and experience might be a bit too much to expect. Especially with a low 30k item level entry threshold, newer/poorly geared players will not be able to pass this dps check. This will result in an demotivating and toxic dungeon experience for them, as many of the random advanced dungeons will be out of their reach. Maybe increase the time to destroy the portal by a second or two to make it a bit easier.

I have not experienced any serious bugs or issues with the second or third bosses, but if I have missed any please post about them below!

I hope that these bugs/issues can be dealt with soon because they render Castle Ravenloft a rather unpleasant experience at the moment. Castle Ravenloft has been in the game for years now, and its always been plagued by serious bugs. Most of the issues mentioned above seem to have actually been introduced after the combat changes when CR was removed from REDQ list, and it has now been re-added without any fixes to the dungeon.



  • seekey#7769 seekey Member Posts: 125 Arc User
    edited July 2021
    Last time i've been there 2 sisters followed a respawned party member outside the castle so another 2 of us has to commit suicide to be able to go to help him.

    *Edit: After Sthrad's defeat we couldn't interact with anything in the boss room. Anything means drops, end chests and even the portal to leave the castle. Already filled a ticket and posted here about this.
  • cracklepants#2252 cracklepants Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    I would disagree about the damage buff given the availability of the dungeon to the under-geared. I will say that I experienced a bug during sisters where the two red locked on to me when I had the book, but just stayed in place regardless of where I tried to drive them. I also quit using the book click mechanic and it made no difference in how they interacted with me. The portal has also gone off a couple of times before we were even able to reach it, so I would agree that the time should be extended. I loved this dungeon when it was fresh, and I occasionally have a good run in there still, but it is far to buggy to go into a queue.
  • finmakinfinmakin Member Posts: 410 Arc User
    I agree with this, Its a bug which appearing at 2th sister...
    No matter what tank does the sister keeps focussed on a DPS, even when DPS dies due stacks and after rezzed the sister continues with focuss on same DPS..

    This needs to be adressed...
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  • percemerpercemer Member, Neverwinter Moderator Posts: 639 Arc User
    edited July 2021
    Squeak! Escalating this thread to investigate about Castle Ravenloft issues. Thank you for your help!
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  • flinnty#9711 flinnty Member Posts: 23 Arc User
    edited November 2021
    Just wanted to follow up here. I just ran CR earlier today and the same bugs are still present with no fixes. Please get around to fixing it. Its been like this for well over half a year.
  • bigman99#8273 bigman99 Member Posts: 507 Arc User
    Try more like well over two years. Mod 15 really did a number on it.
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