My rational for what the new class (2021) might be

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There have been a few discussions on the boards about the class wish list. I would go at it from the perspective of Resource Nodes.

For Religion nodes we have two classes;

For Dungeoneering nodes we have two classes;

For Arcana nodes we have two classes;

For Nature nodes we have one class;

For Thieving nodes we have one class;

Under Nature, in my opinion Druid would be the only logical addition, since as has been mentioned before, the class is already in game as NPCs we have dealt with, either as friend or foe.

Under Thieving, there are two possibilities. If we go by what the existing Thieving class (Rogue) is, it would be a DPS/DPS which would be Monk, however, a combat monk (at least to my perception) is not in the game as an NPC. The other choice (which wouldn't be DPS/DPS) would be Bard. Bards are represented in the game, but would be DPS/Healer. (I've never imagined a Bard as a TANK.)

Just my two cents.


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    Druid and Bard are the most commonly mentioned classes in previous posts (by players). I would say that they'd steer away from the Bard as it'd be a de/buff class and they've been anti-buff for some time now - but then I remembered how in the past, they've pushed for people to take up a new class by making them over-powered (only to be severely neutered a year or two later). So a class with the only major de/buffs in the game would be an instant winner... (to be nerfed at some future point).

    Of course, barring some change to the queue system, they would have to be classed as either Healer, Tank or DPS. Classifying them as either healer or tank would upset all of the actual healers & tanks...
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    You still think they use logic to create content?
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    It doesn´t matter what the new class will be or if there will be a new class. We have thousands of failures at all existing classes. I play a Wizard as my main, do I have to say more?. The good question is: When will this be fixed and when will they really be balanced?