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Lostmauth set bug for Rogue

bandoswb#3578 bandoswb Member Posts: 20 Arc User
1. Log into level 80 assassin Rogue
2. Equip the lostmauth set
3. use the following powers: lashing blade, assassinate, deft strike, Tunnel vision
4. hit dummies with each - make sure you get a "critical hit"

Result: with those three powers, after a critical hit, you only see the damage of the encounter/mount power, and DO not see any LOG entry for Lostmauth's Vengeance

Expected result: As happens with Wicker Reminder, each critical hit should proc Lostmauth's Vengeance. The Log should have an entry for the initial hit AND an entry for Lostmauth's Vengeance.

Thank you.
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