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Loot - Ideas

oktlryk#2717 oktlryk Member Posts: 148 Arc User
Well, it's a good topic apparently - Loot - and how hard it is to get a legendary mount mainly - and why the chances of getting a good drop like a companion is so low - lol - yes it's a very good topic indeed! It's probably the number 1 topic around!

Good thing I get a few companions every 20 or 30 or more times I run dungeons - wait if I do 5 runs a day, that's about a week - I think it's more 'more' times then 20 or 30 - well good thing anyway, and mounts too - not legendary - I only got legendary once in FB - and I bet it's been hundreds of runs by now - lol - and mostly a few tokens and trade bars + AD - however, what if the better point is that it can get better but doesn't and this is what makes the topic so popular - lol - then we're outta luck!

For one thing - it's a problem to keep running dungeons too many times - it gets too boring to believe - and another thing, it is quite disappointing to keep doing it and failing to acquire the fabled holy grail! Yes, you can do it - yes it depends on your level of skill - yes it will be a good chance - yes, yes, yes - but nothing comes from it all - lol - a tragic parody in the flesh - taking countless attempts and god knows other character development time - lol - I mean I was playing my cleric during the challenge of the gods and it was really fun and I wished I played it more and leveled it up to endgame instead of doing all those runs - lol - and I still have like a few hundred thousand rough ADs to refine - lol - but whatever - dungeon's are still fun even if I kinda have too much disappointment at the end - so what right - lol - I'm just going soft - and this is the right place to discuss it on - lol - just kidding!

But seriously, would it be that bad if the legendary drop rate was higher - look at the trade bars from the drop boxes lately - the best idea ever - I managed a pile of upgrades with all the bars I had - really excellent - I'm acquiring more trade bars for my next round of upgrades - and I think this is a very good upgrade plan - however, the Z store needs more items - it's downright boring right now - sales - that's when it gets good but in between there should be more stuff - maybe like item of the month/week like a new mount/companion some type of enchant - etc. - could be a good thing too - not to constantly toil for that meager 100K refinement cap and wait for the AD to pile up - lol - it's gonna get to doomsday - lol - and the end of time!

Having a higher drop rate would really boost the game's appeal and it's incentives - there's a whole load of upgrades right there - in terms of making the game better and more exciting - this would amount to the whole recent upgrade and a DLC - lol - the legendary mount higher drop rate DLC!

Anyway, I gotta go - maintenance should be over soon and I wanna check VoS out! L8er!


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