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When does Mod 20 Sharandar part 2 come out?

shjagsshjags Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Does anyone know when Neverwinter's Mod 20 New Sharandar part 2 is coming out?


  • samerikersameriker Member Posts: 169 Arc User
    This is suppose to last all season until August? So I am guessing 2 months per part. February 16th was release I would estimate part 2 for mid to late April, July or early August for part 3. Mod 21 is suppose to start up around late August and offer us a new class to play.
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  • blargskullblargskull Member Posts: 513 Arc User
    It will be done when it's done!

    I have one of six characters up to a total of 60 points, what is your hurry? This is not the only game I play you know. I haven't beat Minecraft yet either! That is one tough game.

    Just killing time...
  • urlord283urlord283 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,079 Arc User
    2 Months... Noooooooo. If so they really need to give some side quest cause it is really a dead end
  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,447 Arc User
    It was announced as April release for part 2 in various gaming news sites when part 1 launched. This is intended to be spaced out for half a year.
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