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General Opinion and Questions after the changes

catmanwarlock#2647 catmanwarlock Member Posts: 2 Arc User
edited February 8 in General Discussion (PC)
"Hello" to all my fellow players and employees who contributed to the game.
I think, like many of my gamer friends, I have been playing this game for many years.
Before I ask the questions I want to ask, I feel the need to explain some.


"Meta change" is a familiar situation to many online gamers. This allows players to stay up-to-date and in the game, allowing beginners to catch high-level players. However, "meta changes" should not hinder the adaptation process of established players too much.
In general, although I "happily" greeted the change in the first stages, I now have difficulties like many of my friends.
I think there are certain reasons for this. We can say that the first reason is the "time" problem. Most of us are not in the age range at which we started playing the game. Many of us are "married" and some of us have "children". Some of us now work in very busy jobs, and some of us cannot spare a lot of time due to difficult living conditions.

By combining the two concepts I mentioned above, I can say: "We are a bit sad because meta changes are too hard on us and we have difficulty adapting to it and we don't have much time".

Secondly, it saddens us to see any of the "Labor-Time" or "Money-Time" couples wasted. For example; The "Holy Vorpal Enchantment" is now out of circulation for advanced players, not too long after it was bought for its sheer visuality and functionality.

Likewise, it is valid for those who buy "Milestone". There have been so many changes in such a short time that we now find it difficult to keep up. It saddens us that these two important concepts adopted as company policy "can reach what they want without spending real money" and "players who do not have much time can close their time gap with cash payments" are becoming meaningless. Or, other examples of recent rapid changes can be cited.

It is worth noting that here. Of course, those who make the game and perform this service will not "eat stones". Of course they will make money. In fact, I think I am one of the players who "fondly" deposit money into the game as a conscious consumer. This is the only game that I have come to distract me by running away from the hustle and bustle of life. So of course I will contribute to the continuity of the game. But again, I would like to state that I want to do it "fondly" like many of my friends, not because we are "forced to" or "feel that way".


We follow the changes in the companion and combat system with interest, and we spent hours on the test server trying to learn things we haven't understood yet (which is related to our "time" problem we mentioned above). God forbid, I wonder what would happen if there were no gamers like "Reiner", "Northside", "Aragon" produce content that I love and follow closely. I wonder what will happen if content producers stop playing this game one day? Because with this "time" problem we live in, I think we will not be able to accomplish many things or it will become much more burdensome :)

While enjoying the return of many items and comps, I would like to ask a single question to the technical team. While the mobs are becoming stronger, more aggressive and clever now, why are the comps we summoned to us like the police teams that came to the scene after the murder was committed? Because in the new system, mobs are really killing us :) Please make comps a little more aggressive and clever too.

The other issue is scaling
There was scaling in the old system as well. For example, in LOMM, our power or stats were falling again, but it did not make itself felt that much. How can the base damage of a player who reached 50k item level and a player who reached 25k item level be the same according to the new system? Is there a logic error here, or the higher item level deals more damage but stats look wrong? Or will we continue to get beaten up all together, from the lowest to the top player? Or maybe i am dumb and i dont know anymore, still trying to figure this all fast changes.


The more foreign languages ​​you learn, the better. Yes, but there are those who cannot really learn or have no opportunity to learn. Of course, there are those whose life conditions do not allow this. This is not a shame.

I can say that many of our player friends who play the game without Turkish language support are victims of this issue. They articulate this at every opportunity and want clear language support. This is not only valid for "Turkish" language support, I know that many "Italians" and my friends from other nations have also written to me that they have similar problems.

In the past, some problems may have occurred with the translation company or people. But the bad situation caused by "some" people should not prevent players from getting better service in this game, which is contributed by everyone who knows "English" or not.

One of the other things to note here is that I do not want to give a name, but in some game platforms, "Turkish language support" is still written in the game description section. There are so many players who started the game for this reason and then left it later. Maybe its still writing on games that don't support other languages, I didn't have time to check.

These are the things they want me to convey for now.

I would like to thank everyone who read it patiently and the technical team for their interest.
Again, I believe that all problems will be overcome with mutual understanding and a little effort.

Stay with love, respect and health.

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  • datarider#1036 datarider Member Posts: 207 Arc User
    I see "Married with children", I upvote :D

    All valid points here!
    I want to add that items need more stats on them. Not to bore you with math, but the changes are a big step down from what it was before, all things considered /players stats, enemy stats, time, reward/
    This game is going backwards :disappointed:

    No more money for you :D Go draw some more mounts :D
  • marves23marves23 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I agree with this thought. I have many Italian and Turkish friends and players will be welcomed if language support is added to the game. it will be a good step forward.
  • vieuxyasin#8080 vieuxyasin Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited February 8
    Please re-enable the Turkish interface in the game, if the number of Turkish players playing this game is also not a small amount,if this game says that there is Turkish support for the interface, it is necessary to do so. Thanks to this interface, 80% of Turkish players left the game. Please feel free to return to the Turkish interface
  • mariposa#3274 mariposa Member Posts: 1 New User
    In addition to all these, the "search" button can be made in the bags.
  • vieuxyasin#8080 vieuxyasin Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited February 8
  • dionchidionchi Member Posts: 904 Arc User
    edited February 8
    I have a very strong opinion that what's missing in Neverwinter is quality consistency and continuity from one mod to the next.

    If I have a character at a certain level that allows me to successfully navigate and contest in an area like the Dread Ring, then after a Mod change, I find that same character with the same gear consistently getting killed something is wrong, especially for those of us with no desire to partake in an endless grind or chase, just to maintain our current level of effectiveness.

    Where's the sense of accomplishment and completion games like Neverwinter are thought to offer?

    Mod updates and upgrades are important but can't there be a way for the changes to only effect the newly introduced content instead of making them retrograde through all of the previous content?

    To successfully build a character to effectively fight and survive in an area - only to have to do the same thing all over again because all of the previous effort has been neutered, made meaningless, for some of us delegitimizes any desire to pursue any future or remaining content because previous experience has shown us that no matter how hard anyone works, no matter how much they accomplish it most like will all be undone and all the previous effort made worthless with a future Mod that effects not only the new content - but all of the previous content as well.
  • percemerpercemer Member, Neverwinter Moderator Posts: 577 Arc User
    Hello @gasteci,

    Thank you for your feedback! I can answer regarding the "language support" part. Some third-party websites or game platforms may indeed not be updated regarding the current language support of Neverwinter. Unfortunately, a few years ago (2015) Perfect World Publishing B.V. already suspended in game language support for several languages, including Turkish. There are unfortunately no plans to reverse these decisions.

    According to the last statement (July 1st, 2020),
    • Official announcements, blogs, and patch notes are no longer localizated by localization team. However, community teams can continue to publish these content on official forums, Discord servers, and social media (Facebook & Twitter).
    • It does not affect the game or customer support. All in game content will continue to be localized by localization team in French, German, Italian, and Russian.
    Thank you for your understanding!

    EU Community Manager @ Perfect World Entertainment
    Neverwinter: Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Customer Support - Terms of Service - Discord
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